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Consumer Cost of Transmission Delays Report

Our report reveals that delays in building energy transmission infrastructure will lead to higher electricity bills for both households and businesses, compromise energy reliability and jeopardise emissions reduction targets. Nexa Advisory’s research shows the cost impacts of the delays are most significant in New South Wales. Residential consumers there could face up to $1,100 in […]

Nexa Advisory Submission – AEMC Accelerating Smart Meter Deployment

We are pleased to share our recent submission to the Australian Energy Market Commission’s (AEMC) Draft Determination for the Accelerating Smart Meter Deployment (ERC0378) rule change. At Nexa Advisory, we support the need for a more rapid rollout of smart meters. However, we express concern that the data sharing requirements related to the rollout are […]

Nexa Advisory submission – NSW Long Duration Storage Review

We are pleased to share our recent submission to the New South Wales Long Duration Storage review.   In our submission, we emphasise the need for the government to instil confidence in the state’s ability to meet its ambitious legislated targets – including the timely delivery of renewable generation, long-duration storage, firming, and transmission capacity. […]

Nexa Advisory submission – AER CBA and RIT Guidelines

At Nexa Advisory, we are pleased to share our perspectives and insights on the Australian Energy Regulator’s (AER) review. This review is particularly relevant given the recent reforms across transmission planning and financing, community engagement, and the inclusion of emissions in the National Energy Objectives. We acknowledge the AER’s critical role in implementing these reforms, […]

Accelerating C&I rooftop solar and batteries is a ‘win win’ Discussion Paper

New South Wales is currently missing out on the untapped opportunity presented by Commercial and Industrial consumer-owned energy resources (C&I CER). Nexa Advisory has identified a significant opportunity for C&I CER in NSW to contribute to the state’s energy transition. By harnessing this untapped potential, businesses can realise substantial energy cost savings, while providing flexibility […]

We Plan and then Don’t Build

The slow pace of Australia’s clean energy transition means that not only will Australia fail to meet its climate targets, but there is a significant threat to power system reliability and security, and increased costs for consumers both large and small. Factors contributing to the slow transition are many and complex. A key issue is […]

Accelerating Consumer Energy in Australia

Nexa Advisory new analysis shows national consistency in rooftop solar connection processes, better returns for household-generated energy fed back into the grid and greater data transparency from the larger-scale energy network providers are vital for supporting the growth of rooftop solar and home batteries in Australia. The Accelerating Consumer Energy in Australia report, commissioned by Solar Citizens […]

Nexa Advisory submission – Electricity and Energy Sector Plan Discussion Paper

Nexa Advisory welcomes the opportunity to share our perspectives and insights on the Federal Government’s Electricity and Energy Sector Plan (the “Plan”). We commend the Federal Government for progressing the development of a plan to reduce emissions in Australia’s electricity and energy sector.  Specifically, we appreciate the thoughtful discussion paper from the Department of Climate […]

Nexa Advisory Submission- Flexible Trading Arrangements

Nexa Advisory’s submission to the AEMC on the Flexible Trading Relationships delves into the barriers hindering the potential of Customer Energy Resources (CER) to offer flexibility services to Distribution Network Service Providers (DNSPs) or system support services and energy to the wholesale market. Link to our submission Nexa Advisory submission – Flexible Trading Arrangements 10042024

Nexa Advisory submission – Expanded CIS 25032024

Nexa Advisory welcomes the release of the expanded CIS. Like numerous industry stakeholders, Nexa Advisory, shares concerns regarding the current build rate of renewable generation and associated energy storage, potentially jeopardising achieving Australia’s clean energy targets. Supercharging the CIS to 32 GW offers a practical and efficient solution for incentivising renewable energy and firming capacity […]

Nexa Advisory submission – Inquiry into the transition to EVs 22032024

Overcoming barriers in EV uptake is critical for achieving Australia’s emission reduction goals, given that vehicles contribute to about 13 per cent of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions2. Advocating for policies to support the EV transition is pivotal for addressing climate concerns and economic pressures. We acknowledge the recent Federal Government announcement of a $76 […]

Nexa Advisory submission-New Vehicle Efficiency Standard 7 March 2024

Nexa Advisory submission on the National Fuel Efficiency Standard in May 2023, we provided policy measure recommendations focused on fleet policies, promoting the second-hand EV market, supporting low-income households, ensuring charging infrastructure access, and aligning with global EV policy trends. The full benefits of introduced incentives and policies will only be realised with the introduction of […]

Nexa Advisory submission-NSW Consumer Energy Strategy 29022024

Nexa Advisory warmly welcomes the acknowledgement by the NSW government of households’ significant role in the energy transition, specifically through energy performance, off-peak water heating, rooftop solar, batteries and electric vehicles, collectively referred to as ‘consumer energy resources’ (CER). Solar PV and distributed energy resources (DER) are pivotal in facilitating the transition. As we expand […]

Energy Storage Financeability in Australia

Nexa Advisory, commissioned by the Clean Energy Investor Group (CEIG), has undertaken research to define the challenges and propose policy solutions that are practical and supported by industry and government. Summary of Key Findings 1- Australia requires a significant growth in energy storage over the next decade to ensure a smooth transition 2- Australia’s Energy […]

Deep dive into Energy Storage in the UK

Nexa Advisory commissioned Swanbarton Limited, UK-based specialists in electricity storage and microgrids to undertake an assessment of the current environment for electricity storage and batteries in particular, in the UK.  The Great Britain (GB) Electricity System Operator (ESO) launched a tender for the first battery-specific system support service in 2016, for Enhanced Frequency Response (EFR).  This […]

Accelerating Commercial & Industrial Demand Side Participation in NSW

Commercial and Industrial energy users the answer to NSW Government jitters over Eraring closure  Our report highlights an underutilised opportunity for the NSW Government to take advantage of Demand Side Participation (DSP) to not only provide additional ‘insurance’ over the coming years to allow the timely closure of Eraring coal-fired power station but also a win-win for consumers.  Nexa Advisory’s report provides actionable recommendations about how the NSW Government can take advantage of C&I DSP. According to the report, C&I Distributed Energy Resources (DER) can play a significant role […]

Accommodating Financeability in the Regulatory Framework

Background  In April 2023, the AEMC received a rule change request from the Honourable Chris Bowen MP, Commonwealth Minister for Climate Change and Energy that sought to address the foreseeable risk that financeability challenges could arise for actionable Integrated System Plan (ISP) projects.  To address the perceived financeability risk faced by TNSPs, the Minister proposed […]

NSW renewable energy planning delays and opportunities

The current slow pace of Australia’s clean energy transition – generation, storage and transmission build and connection – is putting electricity security, reliability and affordability at risk, in the short and long term. There are very real concerns that we will fail to meet national and New South Wales renewable energy and emissions reduction targets. […]

Nexa Advisory submission to NSW Orderly Exit Framework

Our submission in response to the NSW Government’s Orderly Exit Framework Mechanism (OEFM) outlines: NSW Government’s great progress over the last six months towards meeting its goals under the NSW Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap. The slow build out of transition delivery and impact this has on the roadmap and continuous delivery. The risks and issues associated […]

The real cost of delaying or cancelling VNI West

New electricity transmission infrastructure is the missing link in Australia’s transition to clean energy. Transition is as much about energy security, reliability of supply, and cost of living pressures on Australians, as it is about climate targets. There is broad recognition in Australia of both the urgent need to replace ageing coal-fired generators and the […]

Cutting off solar isn’t the answer

Australia is a world leader in both rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) deployment and in its research and development. Australians love rooftop solar. They love the cost-of-living impact, they love the climate impact, and they love the control over their electricity costs and supply. Installing rooftop solar PV reduces power costs, and a household or business’ […]

Victoria’s Emergency Backstop Mechanism – Consultation Paper

Summary & Recommendations Victorians have embraced rooftop solar PV and batteries supported and encouraged by the Victorian government. In adopting Distributed Energy Resources (DER), Victorians are helping to reduce their electricity costs while supporting the clean energy transition. However, the social licence necessary for control and disconnection of DER has not been secured. The need […]

Putting the Power in People’s hands

Distributed Energy Resources – a key contributor to the clean energy transition Accelerating the take up of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) in Australia could help Australia meet its renewable energy and emissions reductions targets, by circumventing the bottlenecks being faced in developing and connecting large-scale renewable energy generation and its associated transmission. Australia is a […]


New modelling contained in a Nexa Advisory report shows about $13 billion could be slashed from electricity costs by opening up Australia’s transmission market to competition. Close to $1 billion ($952 m) in capital cost reductions would come as a result of opening the transmission market to globally proven non-incumbent transmission entities, who have the […]

Nexa Advisory Submission: National Fuel Efficiency Standard

Nexa Advisory shares its submission to the Federal Government’s Fuel Efficiency Standard (FES) consultation paper. We commend the government’s proactive stance on acknowledging the necessity of a mandatory FES and offer comprehensive insights on policy measures to support this endeavor. Our recommendations focus on fleet policies, bolstering the second-hand EV market, supporting low-income households, ensuring […]

Nexa Advisory’s Submission: Update to the Integrated System Plan Methodology

Nexa Advisory addresses proposed changes to the AEMO’s Integrated System Plan (ISP) Methodology. To expedite the necessary renewable generation and transmission build for the 2024 ISP, Nexa Advisory urges transparent and inclusive stakeholder engagement. Key points and recommendations focus on emission reduction goals, optimal development path determination, and the treatment of low-carbon technologies. The proposal […]

Nexa Advisory Submission: Powering the Regions Fund Consultation

Nexa Advisory proudly shares its submission for the Powering the Regions Fund (PRF) consultation, echoing strong support for this vital initiative by the Commonwealth Government. PRF aims to empower Australia’s regions in their journey towards net zero emissions, with a substantial $1.9 billion funding commitment. Nexa advocates for the crucial role of regional communities in […]