Nexa Advisory stands at the nexus of the complex web of energy stakeholders and supports their dialogue. Our unwavering focus is to ensure all Australians have a clean energy future with secure, reliable and affordable power.

We are a full-service advisory firm supporting clients through their clean energy transition. Nexa Advisory was created in 2018 to be a trusted partner, delivering bespoke solutions to clients wanting to accelerate their clean energy transition. Led by founder and CEO Stephanie Bashir, the Nexa Advisory team is a collaboration of passionate specialists who are committed to the successful transformation of Australia’s energy markets, and realising the broad benefits it will bring.

What we do for you

At Nexa Advisory we are committed to helping clients accelerate the clean energy transition, through strategic advice seated in our deep policy experience and analytical skills. With a focus on the consumer, we challenge the status quo, and support our clients to innovate to create a sustainable future for everyone.

We specialise in energy policy and regulation, and reforms that will accelerate the clean energy transition in a way that provides secure, reliable, and affordable supply for consumers of all types.

We have supported clients in solving problems by designing public policy and targeted advocacy in large scale renewable generation and storage investments, orderly closures of power stations, transmission, and grid innovation.

We also have extensive background and experience in policy and strategy for distributed energy ecosystems including solar, batteries, demand response and electric vehicles, open data, smart metering, blockchain and peer to peer trading.

We have a proven track record in political risk assessment and management, advocacy at all levels of government and regulation, and project design and delivery.

We believe in an energy industry that has people at its centre. This belief guides our approach to the challenges our clients face, and every recommendation we make. We help our clients stay focused on what is critical to their business – their customers.

Our Clients

Nexa is a full-service advisory firm.

We work with public and private clients including renewable energy developers, investors and climate impact philanthropists to help accelerate efforts towards a clean energy transition.  We’ve been shaping the energy industry for over 20 years.

With a proven track record across policy creation, advocacy, political risk assessment and project delivery, we’re holistic in our approach and deliver solutions with commercial intent. Nexa Advisory works in partnerships with its clients through a strong focus on enabling a sustainable and clean energy future.