Nexa Advisory works with a broad cross section of public sector and private clients, including renewable energy developers and operators, generators, energy-tech start-ups, investors, market bodies and government, climate impact philanthropists, and community groups. We have experience in bringing together a cross section of interested parties to influence policy and industry outcomes.

Nexa Advisory has a proven track record in policy creation, political risk assessment and management, advocacy at all levels of government and regulation, and project design and delivery. We work in partnership with our clients to dovetail a consumer focus with commercially viable outcomes, and enable a sustainable and clean energy future.

Service Offerings

Policy Design + Advocacy

We understand how the industry works.

The energy industry is complex and constantly changing. For many companies it is challenging to stay on top of regulation changes, understand what they might mean for your business, and ensure you are not only complying with them but positioning the business for success. We help you develop strategies and action plans to ensure your company is informed and prepared for change. We assist in responding to regulation and legislative consultations. We also undertake government and regulator engagement on behalf of clients, to initiate or change reform priorities.

Market + Public Positioning

We position you for success.

How your company is positioned with a cross section of stakeholders is a crucial part of ensuring your business’ success. We look at your short and long term objectives and develop tailored strategies to ensure your company is well placed for success

Stakeholder engagement + collaboration

We focus on people.

Who are your key stakeholders? What do they care most about? How do you engage with them? What partnerships should you build? We understand the consumer and the community in which you operate. We ensure that those expectations and needs are considered in your business plans and decisions. We’re trusted facilitators and create environments that promote collaboration and positive outcomes.

Corporate Innovation

We bring innovation and ideas to life.

The energy industry is changing rapidly and innovation is crucial to the success of businesses at all levels. We develop strategies and project plans to guide innovation, so that you capture key growth opportunities while also managing reputation and corporate risks.

Our Difference

We don’t just talk, we deliver what we do.

Developing policies and strategies is fundamental to success in the energy market, but policy not implemented is just talk. At Nexa, we deliver what we do effectively through our deep policy experience, our diverse network and targeted advocacy. We have an enviable track record for achieving our client objectives.