Accelerating Consumer Energy in Australia

Nexa Advisory new analysis shows national consistency in rooftop solar connection processes, better returns for household-generated energy fed back into the grid and greater data transparency from the larger-scale energy network providers are vital for supporting the growth of rooftop solar and home batteries in Australia.

The Accelerating Consumer Energy in Australia report, commissioned by Solar Citizens and conducted by Nexa Advisory, found harnessing the power of consumer energy resources (CER) will provide immediate cost-of-living relief for households, reduce electricity prices across the energy network and accelerate reducing carbon pollution.

Some of the key recommendations of the report include calling on Federal and state energy ministers to:

  • Clearly define the roles and responsibilities related to CER of all industry bodies (including the AEMC, AEMO, AER and the Clean Energy Regulator);

  • Task Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water, and the AEMC with addressing bias towards building more poles and wires in the regulatory framework for electricity networks. The framework should instead incentivise DNSPs to explore non-network solutions in the place of building more network infrastructure;

  • Direct the AER to establish open access to network data by the end of 2024 by making it a regulated requirement for all network service providers.


See the full report here:  Nexa Advisory _Accelerating CER in Australia