Nexa Advisory submission-NSW Consumer Energy Strategy 29022024

Nexa Advisory warmly welcomes the acknowledgement by the NSW government of households’ significant role in the energy transition, specifically through energy performance, off-peak water heating, rooftop solar, batteries and electric vehicles, collectively referred to as ‘consumer energy resources’ (CER).

Solar PV and distributed energy resources (DER) are pivotal in facilitating the transition. As we expand large-scale renewable energy infrastructure, these customer-owned distributed assets can aid governments in achieving their goals, offering an extra layer of security during the phasing out of coal and gas power stations.

Accelerating the take up of CER could help Australia meet its renewable energy and emissions reductions targets, by overcoming bottlenecks in large-scale renewable energy generation. CER, offering fast and cost-effective decabonisation, deserves equal attention and support alongside large-sale generation and storage.

Improving CER integration will provide significant savings on consumer bills, especially with the increasing adoption of solar, heat pumps, and electric vehicles. Nexa emphasises the urgency for policy and regulation to catch up and leverage these consumer investments for the collective benefit, particularly focussing on export management and tariffs, publicly available network data and network voltage standards.

NSW holds a unique position as the first state to experiment with the Neara platform in collaboration with Endeavour and Essential.

Proposing a state-wide CER target, backed by clear principles, policies, incentives, and authorised programs, is crucial for driving consumer engagement and certainty.
Understanding the pivotal role of a Consumer Energy Strategy in ensuring a successful energy transition, Nexa underscores the need for target setting and effective mechanisms, proactive consumer engagement, and measures to ensure inclusivity, leaving no one behind in this energy transition.

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