Accelerating C&I rooftop solar and batteries is a ‘win win’ Discussion Paper

New South Wales is currently missing out on the untapped opportunity presented by Commercial and Industrial consumer-owned energy resources (C&I CER).

Nexa Advisory has identified a significant opportunity for C&I CER in NSW to contribute to the state’s energy transition. By harnessing this untapped potential, businesses can realise substantial energy cost savings, while providing flexibility and reducing network impacts.

Our report highlights the size of this opportunity and provides recommendations for the New South Wales Government to incentivise C&I solar and battery investments to unlock this value. This includes:

  • Establishing or leveraging market-based mechanisms to enable businesses to capture the benefits of C&I CER
  • Considering C&I CER in support schemes such as the Capacity Investment Scheme or LTESA framework, given the potential to provide firm capacity through demand-side response or Virtual Power Plant offerings
  • Reviewing C&I consumer network tariffs to reflect the value of these resources.

Link to our full report Accelerating C&I rooftop and batteries is a ‘win win’ Discussion paper