We Plan and then Don’t Build

The slow pace of Australia’s clean energy transition means that not only will Australia fail to meet its climate targets, but there is a significant threat to power system reliability and security, and increased costs for consumers both large and small.

Factors contributing to the slow transition are many and complex. A key issue is the ongoing delays to delivering new transmission projects, particularly transmission interconnectors, which will connect the renewable generation and storage capacity required to replace ageing coal-fired power stations.

We are not making progress in building transmission. There are still significant roadblocks which need to be addressed by governments so that we attract the investment needed, and achieve the unprecedented amount of transmission build. These fall under three categories:

• the regulatory environment is not fit for purpose
• there is a lack of national planning and coordination
• further work is needed to build social licence and community acceptance

Nexa Advisory has set out three recommendations in the report which seek to address these key areas of friction.


Link to our full report Nexa Advisory_We Plan and then We Don’t Build_Report