Nexa Advisory submission – Inquiry into the transition to EVs 22032024

Overcoming barriers in EV uptake is critical for achieving Australia’s emission reduction goals, given that vehicles contribute to about 13 per cent of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions2. Advocating for policies to support the EV transition is pivotal for addressing climate concerns and economic pressures.

We acknowledge the recent Federal Government announcement of a $76 million funding package for EV loans, freight and infrastructure3, aligning with Nexa Advisory ‘s call for enhanced subsidies for EVs4. Nexa Advisory is looking forward to the release of a detailed plan associated with this funding package.

Our submission emphasises that measures and incentives in support of EVs will lack effectiveness unless accompanied by a robust and ambitious New Vehicle Efficiency Standard (NVES). Timely implementation of the NVES is critical, and it is important that the Inquiry does not hinder or delay its implementation, as we are already aware of its significant impact on increasing EV affordability, and consequently increasing adoption.


Read our full submission here: Nexa submission – Inquiry into the transition to EVs 22032024