Victoria to fast-track a 300MW/450MWh big battery

In a bid to improve the security of the grid, the Victorian Government has recently announced Neoen will build the biggest battery in Australia in the regional city of Geelong.

The big battery will consist of Tesla’s new 3MWh Megapacks and have a power capacity of 300MW and a storage capacity of 450MW meaning that it could operate at full capacity for up to 1.5 hours and will be approximately twice the size of the Hornsdale Power Reserve (150MW/194MWh).

Create a Policy Strategy with Nexa Advisory

The announcement of Victoria’s big battery comes at a time where major policy reform is happening across the energy sector. Now is the perfect time to contact Nexa Advisory and create a policy strategy to better understand what is happening in the market and how your organizations needs can be considered and shape the future energy system.

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