Market Update: NSW Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap

The NSW Government have taken a significant step forward in becoming an energy superpower. The release of their Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap lays out a path for the state to take advantage of its abundant renewable energy resources in a timely manner to replace its aging fleet of coal-fired power stations.

The Roadmap aims to attract $32 billion in private sector investment by 2030 in large-scale generation, storage and transmission to maintain a reliable, secure and affordable supply and support and expected 6,300 construction jobs and 2,800 ongoing jobs mostly in regional NSW in 2030.

Two key pillars of the governments Roadmap are the Transmission Development Scheme and the Electricity Infrastructure Investment Safeguard.

The Transmission Development Scheme aims to unlock generation at scale, target reduction in risk and Marginal Loss Factors and will act as a regulatory test to replace the RiT-T in NSW.

The Electricity Infrastructure Investment Safeguard aims to provide long-term revenue certainty for the development of Renewable Energy Zones, long duration storage (>8 hours) and firming projects. The Safeguard will includes Long Term Energy Service Agreements for firming projects to ensure the best prices for customers as well as a Pumped Hydro Recoverable Grants program to allow these projects to participate and de-risk given their long lead time.

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