Consultation: Minimum Technical Standard for DER

14 Jan 2021

Submissions Due: 14th January, 2021

The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) have just announced a draft rule that sets minimum technical standard for Distributed Energy Resource (DER) like rooftop solar PV.

Click here to view the draft rule determination.

The purpose of the minimum technical standard is to ensure that newly connected or replacement rooftop solar systems are able to stay connected amid voltage disturbances and not impact on power quality and security of the power system.

AEMO, who submitted the rule change request on the 5th May 2020, suggested that the minimum technical standard cover three technical areas including:

  • Inverter performance and grid responsiveness
  • Interoperability and communication interfaces
  • Cyber security measures

The draft rule determination is to make a more preferable draft rule that is achieved by requiring micro-embedded generators connecting to distribution networks to be compliant with the DER Technical Standards.

By implementing the proposed solution, the NEM and distribution network are expected to operate more smoothly which could lower consumer costs, improved system security from a more consistent performance baseline and predictability of DER and increased competition by removing barriers to choice.

The proposed solutions are expected to apply to newly connected, augmented, upgraded, extended or replaced assets and not be retrospectively applied.

Create a Policy Strategy with Nexa Advisory

The AEMC is seeking stakeholder input and engagement on the draft determination. The minimum technical standard will impact a range of interests across the market. A pro-active first step for market participants is to develop a policy position to understand how this market reform may impact your organisation.

Contact Nexa Advisory about what these changes and reviews might mean for your business and help you create and implement policies that shape the energy system and position you for success.

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