Consultation: Integrating Storage (Extra time)

11 Feb 2021

Submissions Due: 11th February, 2021

The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) have just announced extra time for stakeholders to have their say on how to change the National Electricity Rules so large-scale batteries and other storage can take part in the two-sided market.

The rule change proposal seeks to address issues AEMO has identified with how grid-scale batteries, aggregations of smaller batteries, and new business models with a mix of technologies behind the connection point (hybrid facilities), register and participate in the NEM.

The extra time will allow the AEMC to publish an options paper which is expected to be released mid-December with submissions due by the 11th February 2021. The paper is expected to be part of  a package of Energy Security Board papers in mid-December as part of the post-2025 market design.

Click here to view the original consultation paper.

The options paper, due to be released by the AEMC shortly, will seek stakeholder engagement beyond the initial consultation on issued raised by AEMO in their original submission as well as the participation framework and non-energy costs recovery.

Technology neutrality and a service-based approach will be a key focus of engagement with stakeholders in this round to achieve a level playing field within the market for the recovery of non-energy costs.

Create a Policy Strategy with Nexa Advisory

The AEMC is seeking stakeholder input and engagement on an options paper due to be released in mid-December for energy storage integration. The framework will impact a range of interests across the market. A pro-active first step for market participants is to develop a policy position to understand how this market reform may impact your organisation.

Contact Nexa Advisory about what these changes and reviews might mean for your business and help you create and implement policies that shape the energy system and position you for success.

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