About Us

Nexa Advisory is a full-service advisory firm supporting clients through their clean energy transition. Nexa Advisory was created in 2018 to deliver trusted, value added and future proofed bespoke solutions through a customer lens. Led by our founder and CEO, Stephanie Bashir, the Nexa Advisory team is a collaboration of passionate energy specialists, all committed to the successful transformation of Australia’s energy markets. The team is focused on helping clients grasp the unpredicted opportunities the energy transformation will bring.   The decentralisation of energy promises, for the first time, to enable a truly democratised ecosystem with people and communities at the centre.

As trusted leaders and advisors, Nexa Advisory fully embraces this empowerment and will work with you to ensure this is emphasised in an ethical, user-centred design of innovative new energy services. The two-sided nature of this new ecosystem will also provide critical value to energy system security and market efficiencies. Get in touch today and find out how Nexa Advisory can help you deliver energy for life through practical strategies and plans.

We believe in an energy industry where people are at the centre of every recommendation we make. This belief guides our approach to the challenges we solve, and the outcomes we create. We specialise in new distributed energy ecosystems including solar, batteries, demand response and electric vehicles. We also have experience in Open Data, smart metering, blockchain and peer to peer trading.

Our Team

Our expert team are highly engaging and passionate professionals, focused on delivering a positive client experience and positive outcomes for our clients. We keep our overhead costs down by connecting with our team at the right time to ensure our services are affordable and match your needs.

We work in collaboration and partnership with our clients and your stakeholders using a range of both traditional and non-traditional engagement models as we work together to capitalise on opportunities.

Stephanie Bashir

Stephanie Bashir

Principal and Founder
Dr Jill Cainey

Dr Jill Cainey

Policy and Research Director

Our Clients

Nexa is a full-service advisory firm.

We work with public and private clients including renewable energy developers, investors and climate impact philanthropists to help accelerate efforts towards a clean energy transition.  We’ve been shaping the energy industry for over 20 years.

With a proven track record across policy creation, advocacy, political risk assessment and project delivery, we’re holistic in our approach and deliver solutions with commercial intent. Nexa Advisory works in partnerships with its clients through a strong focus on enabling a sustainable and clean energy future.